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the services.

  • real estate consulting for acquirers

    jarago offers acquirers the structuring of evaluation processes, the formulation of requirement profiles (surface programs, basic calculations), as well as the evaluation of multiple sites. furthermore, jarago guarantees subsequently the setting up of total general construction manager/ general constructor tenders for the acquirer. jarago’s scope of work is completed by the supervision and moderating of the whole buying process, if necessary also by the regulation of tender procedures until the turnkey delivery of the property to the buyer including the development of financing models (leasing, structuring of financial portfolios, procuration of mezzanine capital, et cetera).

  • real estate consulting for vendors

    jarago offers vendors tailor-made requirement profiles of future acquirers. requisites are based on a location study, the assessment and standardized cost estimate of various utilization scenarios of the real estate, that is to be placed on the market. these procedures are also part of jarago’s scope of work.
    furthermore, jarago develops commercialization strategies (marketing/pricing), judicial-technical sales-due diligences, complies short lists of potential acquirers and accompanies the selling process.

  • real estate development
    for investors and institutions

    as a classic representativ of a property developer, jarago organizes, coordinates and controls as a superordinate taskforce all points of contact of an investor/property developer between the decision makers and the persons involved in the project, such as the administrative offices of the magistrate, the specialists and consultants that are necessary for the development, neighbours, the land owner up to the exit partners. the necessary rededication and the coordinated planning, supervision and controlling are as well part of the jarago’s scope of work. jarago organizes the acquisition of the real estate, as well as the preceding evaluation and assessment, structures tailor-made financial models and exit strategies and advises the client regarding a suitable choice of the final investors. in terms of an optimized exit, jarago prepares building grounds in a judicial-technical way, in order to guarantee the partners and property developers an unobstructed pullout.
    if the client prefers total general construction solutions, jarago will draw suitable schemes and will accompany the tender procedures.

    the implementation of efficient risk management structures as well as the estimate of risks in order to protect the client completes jarago’s scope of work.